Solstice Sunset Above the Clouds

Cold, damp fog dominated Zug for days. But Zug has Zugerberg, and that is above the fog.

Here’s a sunset that’s really special. From the very spot where we took our Zugerberg panorama, (a few years ago) the sun sets on December 21st, behind Pilatus.

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Brand new site, brand new cow!

Out for a Saturday’s bike ride, you might see something unexpected. We had stopped for a rest where there was a nice view, and cows. Johan happened to notice a small calf. It wasn’t very close, and I got out my camera with a big zoom. It was quite little! I could see it wobbled as it walked. I couldn’t see that well in the LCD screen of the camera. But once home, I was quite surprised. It appears this calf was born within the last couple hours or so.

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