Doop Mathijs en Jonas


Photos from a trip to Stanserhorn with beautiful clear weather in September 2013


Photos taken of the Alpabfahrt festivities in Schlupfheim, Switzeland on September 28, 2013. The photos show the cows coming down from the mountains for the winter.

Züri Fäscht 2013

Photos taken at the Züri Fäscht festival in 2013, a summer festival taking place every three years

Prague in winter

Selection of photos from a visit to Prague in winter


Het Filmontbijt, de lekkerste voorstellingen For several years, we had a successful event in Antwerp, Belgium, at "Cinema Calypso" called "Het Filmontbijt" (English: "movie breakfast"). The event tempted visitors on a Sunday morning with croissants, some coffee and other delicious breakfast combined with a great movie from the last year. During one of the showings in 1993, we had Antje De Boeck as a guest whom we presented with a "Reuzencroissant" (giant croissant) for her role in the Oscar-nominated movie Daens. The event, co-hosted by Geert and Johan and with live music from Wouter, was very well visited and a lot of fun. This album contains some of the pictures taken on that day.

Pictures of Switzerland in October

October is a beautiful time of the year for photography in Switzerland as all the trees get their fall colours October is a beautiful time of the year to visit Switzerland: although it may be getting colder, the trees are all changing color creating beautiful views. This album contains photos from a couple of trips in which we went to watch this beautiful scenery.