Fall colors in Pennsylvania

First off, we came to the realization that we have not updated our blog for way too long. To catch you up quickly on the last couple of years: we did move from Switzerland to the US, where we live in a rural area in Pennsylvania.  As usual when moving, time ran a bit away from us and we did therefore not find the time to do much photography let alone update our blog.  We do hope to post more in the future.

A good place to start  is to share some photos of fall foliage in Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania has one of the longest and most varied fall foliage seams in the world.  Fall is a spectacular time to be here as the diversity of trees show a beautiful display of different colors. It is like an explosion of natural fireworks.  The difficulty is to catch fall at the right moment. The weather heavily impacts when and how long the fall colors are stunning.

This year we had the longest and most beautiful fall we have seen yet.  Coincidentally,  a good friend from Belgium visited just as the fall colors were at it’s peak and with beautiful weather. We therefore had a awesome experience exploring the area and capturing the colors at their peak.  Click on the album for a selection of photos, which also include some photo’s from the inside of Fonthill castle in Doylestown.

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