Fall panoramas in Pennsylvania

October has arrived, which is beautiful time of the year in Pennsylvania. The trees change color resulting in some of the most beautiful displays of color in the USA. I have previously posted fall pictures. I wanted to complement this with a number of 360s I have taken over the last year in October.

The first one is of Lumberville footbridge. Lumberville is a small town along the Delaware in Pennsylvania. There is footbridge connecting Lumberville with Bull’s island, a beautiful park along the Delaware in New Jersey. This picture was taken from relatively high above the bridge and gives you a good view of the bridge, the river and the trees changing colors.

Lumberville Footbridge

You can explore the panorama interactively here:

The second panorama is along the Delaware canal path, a beautiful hiking path between the Delaware and a disused canal. On this specific panorama you can see a ruin, the canal as well as the trees changing colors.

Ruin and fall colors along the Delaware Canal Path

Again, you can explore the panorama interactively here:

Finally, this panorama is taken in the woods along the Delaware and gives you a good sense for some of the color display in the trees.

Fall colors in woods along the Delaware river

You can explore the panorama interactively here:

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